Born in 1979 in Normandy, France, Réhahn has always lived with a passion for travel and photography. For most people who travel to explore the beautiful sceneries, Réhahn travels to meet people and capture the most natural moment of those individual he has encountered. It is only through these far away places that Réhahn learns of new cultures and most importantly, learns to take photo in his very own special way. The difference between Réhahn‘s photos from other portrait photographers is the random and natural moment, of which, he captures when spending his time to interact with the models. Réhahn’s photos leave viewers to imagine the story behind each moment because he wants viewers to discover for themselves the beauty of the photos.

In 2007, during his mission trip with a nonprofit organization to Vietnam, Réhahn has feel in love with the people of this country. He begins to invest more time into exploring the Vietnamese and its culture through his camera lens during his yearly trip to Vietnam. It was only in 2011 that Réhahn decided to relocate his life by moving to a small town of Hoi An, Vietnam. Choosing to give up his modern and hectic life in France to live a quite one in Hoi An was Réhahn bold decision to follow his dream in photographing. The photographer spends most of his time travelling and meeting new people whether it is local or tourist to search for the right moment to capture for his photos. Seven years in Vietnam travelling on his motorbike to only ¼ places of the country, Réhahn has captured over 50,000 photos; however, only 145 of the photos have made it to his first photo-book “Vietnam – Mosaic of Contrasts.” The book is a story that the photographer wishes to share with the world about his view and stories of Vietnam. It depicts different facets of Vietnam in Réhahn’s very own way and his intention is to allow each viewer to absorb the photos in their own natural way just like how he capture his models.

The love for photography does not stop here for Réhahn, He has continued to seek for adventure and new idea to deliver his photos. Réhahn’s passion for photography brings him more ideas and techniques in picture taking by collaborate with other photographers and new developed technology. Réhahn tirelessly seeks new opportunity to learn and share his work with his fans, photographer friends to get feedback and advise from everyone. He also shares with them many of his stories along the road. Réhahn’s hardworks have paid off by being recognized by some of the most prominent photography magazines such as, Los Angeles Times, Conde Nast Traveller, Daily Mail, Times, National Geography, Foto Digital… He is also carried a large number of followers and fans on his personal facebook page. It is approximately to be over 200,000 fans and more to come for Rehahn. Nonetheless, these successes are motivating Réhahn to keep trying harder to seek for something more beautiful, more natural, and of course with more meaning to him and others that like his work.