Richard James Daniels is a documentary photographer and filmmaker currently based in Cebu, Philippines. He has spent nearly 25 years working in South East Asia including Bangkok, Singapore, Hong Kong and Jakarta, Indonesia.

For his latest project “Basketball Courts of the Philippines”, Richard spent five years documenting basketball courts and hoops spread across the mostly impoverished villages in the Southern Philippines.

“After a bit of research It came as quite a shock to discover that basketball was introduced to the Philippines in 1900 – only 10 years after it was invented in America. A decade later and the Philippines had won its first gold medal at the Far Eastern Games,” he says.

“My photo essay documents the Basketball Courts of the Philippines, specifically the grassroots hoops and courts of the local, mostly impoverished villages in the Southern Philippines ( Visayan region).”

“Basketball Courts of the Philippines” is still ongoing with over 150 courts and hoops documented, together with sub sets of the series including a focus on backboards.

Daniels continues to capture the love that the nation has for the sport, he hopes that the courts will look better in time.

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