Robert Adamo is a talented photographer, who got the outdoorsy charm of a Daniel Boone, the rock-n-roll attitude of a Vince Neil, and the creative precision of a Richard Avedon. Rob’s style is craftsman chic, it’s down-home sophistication, it’s high end grit. He’s just as comfortable remodeling his log cabin studio as he is shooting an editorial layout for a fashion magazine. No matter what project he’s working on, Rob approaches everything with authenticity. No egos, no diva moments, nothing but hard work and a passion for capturing those magic images that happen when you’re completely invested in the assignment. Rob has operated that way, making it easy for clients and having fun at it for the last 15 years as a professional photographer, and more recently as a director. He’s shot for national brands anywhere from Hood Milk to Progressive Insurance. He has helped deliver award-winning campaigns for top advertising agencies including BVK and Pyper Paul + Kenny. He has created cutting edge editorial for numerous magazines such as Time, The Atlantic and BHG. And his clients always come back for more. Partly because he’s so dependable, partly because he “gets it” without a lot of direction. But mostly because of his hair. It’s really unbelievable and you’ve got to see it for yourself.