Robert Llewellyn is a talented photographer and author based in Ashland, Virginia. Robert has been photographing plants and landscapes for more than forty years. He has created a series of three books about horticulture: Seeing Trees, Seeing Flowers, and Seeing Seeds. His photographs have been featured in major art exhibits, and more than thirty books featuring his photography are in print.

He has photographed a shelf load of travel and landscape books between his bread-and-butter commercial work. Even the commercial gigs feed his visual curiosity. “Ever go down a coal mine?” he asks. “It’s white. You would think it would be black. It’s covered in lime because coal dust is explosive.”

In his most recent book, Seeing Seeds, Llewellyn turns his gaze to a seed’s journey from formation to dispersal. The marvelous an unexpected forms are captured by a macro lens, treating viewers to the otherworldly formations of seeds that often go unnoticed.