Los Angeles based photographer Pamela Littky has been producing iconic images of high profile personalities for over ten years. Spontaneous and disarming, intimate and unpretentious, her portraits capture well-known subjects in seemingly unguarded moments. Littky’s unique relationship to her subjects and sense of humor has left an indelible imprint on her work. In between shoots of world-famous actors and musicians for top commercial and editorial clients, Littky pursues personal projects that show a decidedly less glamorous but completely compelling side of American culture. She extends the same emotional, slightly absurd aesthetic that distinguishes her environmental portraits to her self-directed projects. Her intense immersion in the rural desert towns of Baker, California and Beatty, Nevada over the course of four years serves as the basis for her first monograph Vacancy (Kehrer, Fall 2014).

Among her awards and honors are AP30 Archive Finalist in 2014 for her series Building for America’s Bravest/Travis, Sharon and Arie, and Coney Island; One Shot: One World Honorable Mentions in 2014 for Kid Cudi, Blue Bus, Steve Martin, and Middle of Nowhere; Communication Arts Honorable Mention in 2011; IPB/Lucie Awards Honorable Mention in 2011; and PDN Photo Awards Honorable Mention in 2006. Her work has been shown in various exhibitions around the country, including in Los Angeles and New York City. Littky has a BFA in Fine Arts from the University of Arizona.