Conceptual artist and designer, Rolf Sachs is recognised for his distinctive, multidisciplinary approach. His work takes inspiration from everyday objects that contain ‘traces of life.’ It is the human touch within objects which fuels his thinking, allowing him to move freely between art and design, searching for the ‘inner soul,’ character and honesty in unexpected and overlooked places.

Sachs challenges the way materials are used and handled, through constant experimentation and invention; he thrives on pushing materials to their limits to create something new and surprising. Whether creating furniture
objects, photography, sculpture, set-design, interior architecture, photography or installations, Sachs sets out to challenge preconceptions by shunning the decorative and questioning the very nature of form and function. His work encourages playful interaction and an emotional connection with familiar things, often presented in unfamiliar ways. He set up his London based studio rolf sachs fun c’tion in 1994, which has now become a creative laboratory, brimming with ideas, prototypes and creations, where, together with his team, he fuses design with the arts.