Anselm Wiethoff is a talented 16-year-old self-taught photographer, filmmaker, urban explorer and SSIS student currently based in Shanghai, China. Anselm uses a Canon EOS 750D + 18-55mm lens, he shoots amazing urban, cityscape, aerial and rooftop photography. “Rooftopping really opened my eyes and made me live in the moment, but when I’m up there, I still can’t believe I’m there at that specific time”, he says. “Many people remind me to be careful and ask me how I’m not afraid. I don’t think I was ever afraid of heights; it’s just the fear of falling. I started to enjoy going out by myself and sometimes with other shooters to explore the city.”

Since I was a baby, I’ve been constantly moving to different countries, including Amsterdam, Singapore, Dubai and finally Shanghai. I used to never pay attention to details anywhere, but ever since I was on summer holidays in my hometown Ibbenbüren, Germany, in the year of 2015, I saw different and new faces of the small, and quiet countryside-town.

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