Gorgeous urban and nature landscapes by David Mirete, professional graphic designer and photographer currently based between Alicante and Tenerife, Spain. After spending a number of years living in a big city, David returned to his hometown, Alicante. This inspired him to pick up a camera, which he uses to capture the nature that surrounds us. Mirete has over 25,000 followers on instagram.

I used to think about the reasons why people use photography. In my case I use photography as an effective way to express and explore my feelings and fears. So for me it’s a therapy, almost a necessity. I love depicting human traces in the photos I take. I mean, you are not going to see people in my photos, but, implicitly, they are. I realised that I feel more comfortable with those human-empty contexts because I find the story in them much more interesting and subtle. Besides these human traces I am quite obsessed with the passage of time and the imperfect beauty resulting of it. I try to build a metaphor that talks about that influence of time in people’s lives, emotions and bodies.

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