Stunning macro photos of underwater plankton by Ryo Minemizu, a talented marine life photographer based in Hirakata, Osaka, Japan. Ryo captures the beauty of microorganisms in the oceans of Japan. He has spent 20 years capturing the beauty and complexity of plankton that drifts in our planet’s oceans.

As a photographer of marine life, I have been taking photographs and creating videos for illustrated books, children’s educational titles, and TV programs about the sciences for over twenty years. My work base is near Suruga Bay, the deepest bay in Japan on the Pacific coast of central Japan. I also photograph in the seas of the Ryukyu Islands around Okinawa, on the West Coast of the U.S., and in Australia and Southeast Asia.

This fish resembles a color and a way to swim like a flatworm/body length 20mm

Abdominal fin of an unconventional trough pattern is large enough to ensure buoyancy. Body length: 35mm

Unlike as now that being shed by the tide, when it comes to adults it is not moving at the bottom of the deep sea.

The reason why the head was developed greatly is to catch the bait efficiently. Size: 30mm

Hyperiidea riding the jellyfish. It’s lke an alien maneuvering a spaceship/Jellyfish umbrella width 20mm

Large and long spines become armor to protect from predators.

The fin ray many times longer than the body is instantly separated when it feels dangerous.

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