Self taught, enthusiastic, and professional are among some of the words used to describe photographer Sam Robles. The South Florida resident who was born and raised in Sao Paulo, Brazil reflects the energy and flavor both countries and regions have on his shots, as well as in who he is as a person.

Sam has an exclusive eye that captures strong, intense, and creative images, mainly focusing on sports portraits and portraits. Understanding how athletes work and how to work with athletes comes naturally to Sam, who is also a soccer player. In his images, this photographer can capture what he wants the person to portray, as well as capturing who the person is.

Sam has the ability to make any location his studio. Whether he uses one or twenty lights, he can make pictures come to life and will go to any means to capture the shot he wants. His shots are immensely captivating and they reflect how devoted he truly is to his calling. Through his work, one notices how dedicated this photographer is about what he does.