Samantha Fielding is a talented portrait photographer from England, who currently based in Los Angeles. She studied at the London Fine Arts College and learned the ropes by assisting visionaries like Malcolm Venville and Annie Leibowitz.

As both a photographer and interviewer, I shone my light back-stage and focussed on the characters behind the parade of masks, eager to capture both the practiced pose and the unguarded moments. The result is a series of portraits that captures the beating heart of a world I feel fortunate to have been able to document.

Night is a time for reinvention. No-one understands this better than the underground performer. Bursting free from the limitations of routine and shedding the skin of an every day identity, they become someone else. Someone braver. Someone wilder. Someone truer.

For the night-time performer especially, there is a certain isolation that comes with putting their vision and endeavor out there. The irony is that they find exhilaration and purpose in their respective acts or identities, and yet they are often judged and mocked as oddballs, outcasts, or freaks.

-Samantha Fielding