Monica Lazar is a talented self-taught photographer, digital artist and educator currently based in Bucharest, Romania. Monica started photography 4 years ago. Her first love was food photography and for more than a year her entire free time was only about arranging food in a feminine and delicate manner. Now, with master’s degree in Cognitive Psychology and Neurobiology, Lazar focuses on portraiture, she shoots gorgeous beauty, lifestyle and self portraiture in natural lights only. “Unlike the food photography, portraits gave me the freedom to experiment more in Photoshop”, she says. “That’s how I started learning all the techniques I know today.”

I was fascinated by what can be done in post-processing and I quickly became addicted to all those stories I could create. My photos were just a sketch for the final result. After 4 years of hard work, I managed to transform my passion into my profession. My partner, Daniel, the photographer behind my images, helped me enormously during this process. We are a team, we plan carefully every series, from the clothes to the places we would travel to take the shots. Being in front of the camera is easier for me knowing that Daniel is the one who takes the photos. This is an intimate process, a way of expressing my everyday feelings, and I could not do this with someone I would not trust.

Monica Lazar uses Canon 6D with a 135mmL lens and a 35mm Sigma Art lens.

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