Selma Fernandez Richter was born in Oaxaca, Mexico, and is currently based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. A photographer since 2001, she works in both the United States and Mexico. Her primary focus is to photograph people, with a particular emphasis on photographing children. She is interested in exploring themes related to identity through connection with place, adaptation, and religion.

Selma spent the first 10 years of her professional career in Monterrey, Mexico´s most industrial city, where she principally photographed people in the business community. The assignments were varied and she was frequently commissioned to create portraits of some of the country´s most prominent CEOs and executives. The work was often used in annual reports and advertising for companies like Alfa, Ternium and Cerveceria Cuahutemoc Moctezuma. She often photographed for editorial clients, especially the Time-Expansion Editorial Group, Financial Times Deutschland, Bloomberg Businessweek and CNN México.

Two years ago, Selma moved away from Mexico and redirected her career. She returned to film and started photographing her ongoing project “The Ache for Home” about the refugee communities in Minnesota, while experiencing her own adaptation process to a new context. This project has been supported by Lutheran Social Service of Minnesota and an artist residency from Forca Noreste, in Mexico. She hopes to complete this work in the coming years and produce a book.

Selma has been involved in education throughout her photographic career. She greatly enjoys teaching and loves putting the pieces together to facilitate student learning. Teaching individual and small group classes, Selma also produces photo workshops for other photographers. She has been producing Mary Ellen Mark´s workshops in Mexico since 2011 and has assisted her on assignment. She also produces workshops for photographers Ernesto Bazan, Tino Soriano and Christian Ziegler, among others.