Seph Lawless is a pseudonymous American-based artist, political activist/artivist who has deliberately chosen to keep his identity concealed. In recent years, he has maximized social media platforms to encourage and promote creativity to fight and struggle against injustice and oppression. Seph Lawless writes ‘ The Artivist (Artist + Activist) uses their creativity to fight and struggle against injustice and oppression by any medium necessary …a pen, a lens, a brush, a voice …even your body.’

He authored his first book ‘Autopsy of America’ in 2013. The book captures the plight of Americans and the devastating effects that globalization has had on American cities. The book chronicles his journey across the United States with an emphasis on the most abandoned and economic deprived areas of America. ‘Seph Lawless’ exposes the America ravaged by economic decline, rampant unemployment, foreclosures and the like. Grim, yet beautifully photographed’ writes June Steward (Signs of Design).

Seph Lawless has publicly supported Edward Snowden calling him a hero and in recent press interviews announced that he has been working on a controversial public art project using large installation art methods for 2014 that will publicize and expose several controversial excerpts from the classified government surveillance programs that Snowden had leaked. ‘ It is the Artivists’ responsiblity to continue Snowdens legacy. He took the insurmountable sacrifice that has threatened his life and well being for the betterment of Americans and the world. It is the responsiblity of the Artivist from around the world to use their creativity by any medium neccessary to bring this information to the masses.’ His peers, other Artivists’, known as Banksy and Peter Joseph have shared Lawless’ conceptional view and pledged active campaigns for 2014.

In 2013, Top-on-social ranked the artist known as Seph Lawless as being the fifth most popular artist on social media. His social media platforms reach millions of users daily and has received world wide recognition with the support from celebrities including Rihanna.