Siddharth Setia is a talented photographer, dream catcher and image maker currently lives and works in Gurgaon, India. Siddharth was born on 4’th May, 1986 in Punjab, India. He was selected by National Geographic India for the Nat Geo Cover Shot 3 Maximum City, India’s only Talent based reality show based on Photography.

Siddharth Setia roaming around with a camera trying to capture everydays life through his lens. An instinctive photographer, known to capture photographs from the daily life and make them everlasting. His play of shapes and colors in the photos he takes emphasize deeply about his passion and love for photography. He comes from the beautiful city of Bathinda, Punjab, India.

His eye for detail is totally self taught and it is his love for the unknown and the need to capture it through the visual medium that made him follow his dreams to become a freelance travel photographer. There are limitations to the use of language, but for Siddharth it is through the photographs that he speaks. Take a look.