Klaartje Lambrechts is a talented 40-year-old photographer and artist based in Antwerp, Belgium. She graduated in Photography at the ‘Koninklijke Academie voor Schone Kunsten van Antwerpen’. Klaartje, who is known for her pure and feminine style shoots a lot of fashion and fine art photography. Lambrechts gives a high-definition look into world of beauty, violence and decay.

“The silence is here again tonight” reads as an intimate conjuring of atmosphere with an undeniable tension hiding behind its aesthetic front. An upwelling force trickles through the images’ surface area. The work is characterized by a fascination with identity as an eternal force, occasionally isolating and taking hold of people, as well as a focus on the human condition and the fragility and sense of desperation intrinsic to it. Social patterns of expectation and hard to define human sensitivities are explored and become part of an aesthetic awareness. She portrays her subjects with a poetic, imperfect kind of beauty and a tangible fragility.



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