Skarphedinn Thrainsson (Skarpi), is a Mechanical Engineer and Nature Photographer in Iceland, Born 1972 in a small village on the east coast of Iceland, living his passion of outdoors traveling, hunting, fishing and exploring the nature of Iceland. He’s specializing his exquisite photography work on nature of Iceland including volcanoes, ice caves, animals and classic landscapes.

Skarpis’ images have appeared in numerous national and international publications, books, and calendars, including: The Risk of Darkness by Susan Hill, Discover Magazine, Digital Photo Magazine, USA Today, Daily Mail, The Guardian, Daily Telegraph, Daily Express, Merde Magazine, Metro, Extrabladet, The Sun, Museum of Natural Sciences, The Independent, Hamburg Abend Blatt, Mare, Suomen Kuvalehty… and others.

Along with running a stock photography website, Skarpi works on various photography projects, runs a postcard publication and offers photo tours and workshops in Iceland.