Fang Tong is a talented photographer, painter and artist who was born in China and currently lives and works in Vancouver, BC, Canada. Throughout her career, Fang has explored many aspects of traditional visual media – specifically oil painting, sculpture, installation art and digital media such as 2D and 3D design, and this has brought her great satisfaction. Tong received her Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Institute of Fine Arts at Shanghai University, and graduated from “L’Ecole Nationale Superieure des Arts Decoratifs” in Paris, France with a Master of Arts.

Gradually, I became intrigued with photography. Through the lens, it opens up a great world where I feel so much passion. I would like my work to look something in between realist and a little surreal. I want the viewer to feel the same mood that I try to put into my photo.

Fang Tong loves her work to border on the surreal yet hold back enough to keep it firmly in the real world. Her photos provoke audiences into creating a narrative out of cinematic pictures. Maybe there is no clearly defined story behind the scene, but there is a strong mood and atmosphere throughout the whole image.

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The soap opera format is a form of performance which most appropriately reflects a current state of life. The stage is always full of charm for me. The stage, with its condensed and slightly rough scene structures, allows people to look forward to the continuation of the scene as a reflection of real life. The roughness of the deliberately constructed backgrounds produces a visually non-authentic effect as well as some symbolic meaning. The beauty of the concentration of life elements is also integrated with some abstract feeling. I have always had a love between the real and surreal, which produces a sense of freedom.

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