Jonathan May is an professional fine art and conceptual photographer currently based in Sydney, Australia. In his latest narrative series “Somnambulant”, Jonathan follows the journey of a sleepwalker named Yuri, a senior officer who started sleepwalking after leaving military service.

Yuri has dedicated his life to his country and from an early age wanted to serve mother Russia. Rising from commander of a motorized rifle platoon to senior officer of a military district operations department in Afghanistan.

The sleepwalking only started occurring when Yuri returned home from service. At the start his wife Natasha would find him standing in the dark, always in the exact same place, the hallway, facing the front door and mumbling to himself. Then neighbors would wake her with a phone call demanding she collect him from their front yard. They put bars on windows and deadlocked the doors, which contained the situation in Moscow.

Yuri has now started traveling with his job in the government, and staying in hotels makes it is impossible to curb the behavior. Ironically Natasha finds herself not being able to sleep while he is away, worrying about the consequences of his colleagues discovering his condition, or something terrible happening while he isn’t fully conscious.

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