Jeroen Peters is a talented 43-year-old Dutch photographer with an exceptional eye for modern architecture, currently based in Amsterdam, Netherlands. His work is best described as a mix of minimal and architectural photography, with great attention to structures, patterns and special lighting. Caused by his passion for art, film, animation, video games, and all creative forms of image making, Peters decided to purchase a DSLR camera in 2008. In February 2012, he has graduated as a professional photographer from the Photo Academy of Apeldoorn, NL.

I find my inspiration in numerous things around me. Sometimes I pass by a building and all of a sudden I see an image. Then when visiting a museum, looking at classical paintings, an inspirational thought can suddenly strike me. I love the designs by great architects like Zaha Hadid, Rem Koolhaas and Frank Gehry. Their buildings encourage me to grab my gear and go out shooting.

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