Sri Lanka produces 80–90% of the world’s supply of Cinnamon, and there are several uses of this spice. The soft outer bark of cinnamon wood is stripped off using a fine rounded rasp knife in a process known as peeling. Workers sit on the ground with their legs covered with the yellow bark dust. Leaves are also used to produce Cinnamon Bark essential Oil, used in food recipes to flavor but mainly in the perfumes industry.

“The Raw Gold of Sri Lanka” is a gorgeous documentary series of environmental portraits by Giacomo Bruno, documentarist, storyteller and portrait photographer. Giacomo is a 27-year-old self-taught photographer and filmmaker who was born in Reggio Emilia and currently lives and works in Milan, Italy.

Giacomo Bruno has traveled in many different countries such as Central and South America, North and South Africa, and Asia with India,Sri Lanka and China. His personal interest focus on human beings,on their cultures, working tradition with a special attention to their environment. In both photography and documentary the story develops around the portrait of one ore more characters, trying to enhance with an emotional touch, the subject and his background, as an equally important element to better tell a story.

Aluthwala, Sri Lanka.

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