How are your bookmarking needs covered? Due to the advancement of technology life is being made easy every day. While browsing, probably you have come across different WebPages and websites through various sources. Some of them are sent to us by colleagues, classmates or friends while others are found on social media sites like facebook and twitter. It is quite hard to recall that single webpage that you visited several weeks ago. Some of us use services like pinboard or even pocket to bookmark their frequently visited sites while others bookmark them in their browser toolbars. As for those who love visual approach to bookmarking instead of pinboard use services like Stache.

Stache is a visual bookmarking app for your iPad, iPhone or Mac.

This service is used by people who want to rediscover a website or WebPages they closed a while back. It is quite easy to hurriedly bookmark a site and then re-discover it when you want. Unlike PinBoard that used to display a simple list of links, Stache can take a visual approach by attaching a screenshot to each bookmark. What is great about using this application is that all those pages you save are kept in full on your iPad or Mac.

Another extraordinary thing about bookmarking with Stache is that the pages you spare are matched up finished iCloud to the read-only iOS partner application. The app also has excellent essential features like URL sharing, bookmarklet, URL scheme support and full content search. Why visual bookmarking using a screenshot is vital is because each screenshot of the webpage saved helps jog your memory and quickly identify the page you want. You get what you are looking for when you need it. The bookmarks are also grouped and organized into folders, tags, and collections to enable you to find them more comfortable and faster.

Other essential features include:

  • Full page archiving
  • Collections and tags quick look page preview
  • Export web archives

Stache offers its clients with a browser extension for chrome and safari so that one can bookmark without leaving the browser. Why I love using this app is that it instantly shows me a notification that a webpage or website has been bookmarked. After the announcement, the webpage is saved in the background. To better how your WebPages are organized you can always use a tag. This helps you get organized as well as save time that would have been consumed when organizing.

The Mac app is where Stache stands out because of its additional abilities to export bookmarking. One can easily import or export their bookmarks from other services to Stache. The app will gracefully handle your import or export allowing you to share your bookmarks to other usual places. In case one ends up tapping on various links, one can quickly go back, forward or even reload the pages. Everyone should try out Stache for the visual bookmarks and rediscover any lost webpages or websites. Stache is an application sold on App store for $1.99 while the Mac version is sold for $6.99.