Informed by major events in his own life, Stan Gaz‘s Ensnared series explores themes of loss, memory, transition, and transformation. Throughout these images ensnarement is allegorized by the actions and effects of the archetypes of hunter and hunted. Gaz finds these roles to be oddly interchangeable, caught up in a cycle in which each is trapped by the other—where neither is ever free of the other’s influence, but nevertheless transformation still takes place.

” I grew up in Joshua Tree, California– an unfamiliar spot to most. Its terrain is filled with mystery and life in strange unusually visual ways, within the small high desert valley. I was always looking to discover little mysteries hidden within this uncommon dry area. The ensnared work will be my fifth Solo show in New York City. Every time I start a new series, part of my process is being unsure of the outcome. Exploring a different language of expression or new worlds is a big part of it-as well as documenting the world around me. The themes throughout the work have always come from transformation and the unknown. The ways loss can be a transition-and the presence of memory has been a common thread throughout this work. Currently, I’m interested all the various forms that landscape can take, and, simply, it’s presence. My life’s pursuit has also thankfully been entertaining as well as humbling. Experiences as diverse as: Traveling across an African desert that’s a diamond restricted area in a helicopter to simply photograph a hole in the ground.”