If you wish to get a modern, demanded profession that can bring you good earnings and a sense of self-realization, try yourself in real estate photography. Now the demand for quality property images in the US is growing actively, because many customers use the Internet to buy buildings online. So if you are eager enough to learn how to become a real estate photographer, follow this 10 simple steps.

1. The most important thing is your desire

Many people may think that a career in photography of real estate is quite an easy task, which is consist of maintaining a creative aura around yourself and taking real estate photos. In fact, it is worth understanding that this is not only the shooting. If you want to become a professional and try yourself in this industry, you must be ready for a lot of administrative work that has little to do with creativity.

Starting a Real Estate Photography Business in 10 Steps

2. Indicate how to shoot real estate photography professionally

It is crucial to understand how you shoot and why you do it. Despite the fact that this is a business, you still need to apply creative thinking in the process of taking real estate photos. As an artist, you should constantly refer to real estate photography techniques of other successful photographers and ask yourself how to improve your professional skills.

3. Use every opportunity to learn real estate photography

Even the most famous photographers often visit a variety of workshops to learn new techniques or share their experiences. If you are a beginner, we would recommend that you start with real estate photography classes. Such events are a great opportunity to find out more.

4. Work on your portfolio

The qualitative and interesting portfolio is the thing on which you will be recognized in the professional sphere. Of course, when you start your own business, such portfolio may seem like a rather difficult task, because you don’t have your own clients and don’t know how to attract them without a portfolio. Vicious circle. Try to start offering your services to single owners of buildings. So you can practice and develop material for your future professional portfolio. A good portfolio is always a higher real estate photographer salary.

5. Equipment

The first thing you should have is an excellent camera and several lenses. It is very difficult to become a professional in photography without a certain necessary equipment, so spend on a cool camera and see how noticeably your average hourly rate for photographer will increase. Also, try wide angle camera for real estate and notice the difference in the quality of the pictures. If you plan to expand your capabilities as a professional shooter and do additional services, for example, 3D modeling, you will have to purchase a 3D camera for real estate.

6. Proper real estate photo editing

It’s not a secret for anyone that real estate photography pricing depends largely on the final version of the image. Very important in this matter is editing of photos and your knowledge in the sphere of the photo editing softwares. It is necessary to know how to fix a faded color on a photo or simply to give it a livelier and friendly look. You can choose two ways to edit the photos – do it on your own or use online real estate photo editing services.

7. Make your photo editing easier

As we have already said, the high-quality photos are an opportunity to increase the level of your salary. What if the photo editing takes a lot of time and its common knowledge that time in your own business is always money? Of course, you can use the services of editing photos on online resources, but it’s not for everyone. We offer you to use standardized presets for Lightroom, which will greatly improve the quality of your photos and will shorten the editing time. If you don’t know how to create such presets on your own, you can find them on the Internet, for example, real estate Lightroom presets.

8. Set your salary

Is it good when you do not depend on any real estate photography companies and you can independently set your price list? However, sometimes it is difficult to establish an adequate price for your own photography services, without understating or lowering the real estate photography fees. We recommend that you honestly assess your own level of professionalism and compare with other photographer’s prices. For example, in Texas it will cost from $ 80 to $ 200, while on the west coast the services of photographers are paid higher. In addition, be prepared that this covers only the standard set of 25 to 50 edited images. Charge an extra fee for all additional services.
Starting a Real Estate Photography Business in 10 Steps

9. Create your own website

In today’s society, there is a comic opinion that if a business doesn’t have its own website, then it doesn’t exist. To some extent, this is a true conclusion, which is especially true for real estate photography. The website is a convenient way to show your portfolio and outline possible services at once. In addition, the site can place your contacts and the real estate photography price sheet. The site dedicated to photography should be concise, but at the same time beautiful, memorable and enjoyable. One of the best examples is FixThePhoto site.

10. Understand what your client needs

In order to understand how to be a real estate photographer, you need to turn to what is now important and necessary for customers. There are a lot of tasks for the photographers, for example, to know the requirements of the target audience, always be on the lookout for new trends and work client-oriented. Do you want to become one of the best photographers in your area? Then don’t ignore your customers.

These tips will help you understand what skills and techniques are required to start your own business in real estate photography. We wish you success and pleasure in your work!