Stephan Zirwes is a talented aerial photographer, who was born in 1967 and currently based in Stuttgart, Germany. For his new project “Pools”, Stephan captured stunning geometric and surreal pictures of swimming pools. Suspended from a helicopter a hundred of meters above the ground with a climbing harness, Zirwes documented the community swimming pools of his native zone by using his Hasseblad 50Mp from the window of a helicopter hovering.

In most regions of the world these pools are reserved for private usage and are a massive waste of drinking water. Public pools can still be a symbol for the importance that water should be free and accessible to everyone.

– Stephan Zirwes

With his work “Pools”, Stephan Zirwes awarded third place in the Sony World Photography Awards in 2016 in the category of Architecture.

In Germany, everyone goes to the public pool in the summer. I am interested by that public space and what the way we bathe says about us as a culture. It will be great to explore that in different parts of the world.

– Stephan Zirwes

Stephan doesn’t use a drone here, explaining that a helicopter gives him more time to find the right pattern and the end result is a rather uncanny aerial view, further amplified by the way he cuts away part of the image and uses the tile patterns around the pools to create a kind of mount.

Stephan Zirwes2

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His collection of images and recent video works filmed by an ultra high resolution will be on view at the Opiom Gallery through June 16.