Loes Heerink is a talented self-taught photographer and communication officer based in Enschede, Netherlands. For her photo series “Vendors from Above”, Loes has spent days on bridges to capture the diversity in colors and the beauty of street vendors in Hanoi. “The street vendors in Hanoi are often female migrants that spend most of their days trying to make profits on selling fruit, vegetables, snacks and other small items,” she says. “I spent a lot of my mornings shooting all the images I already have but it is not enough to publish a book,” Heerink continues.”Once I started the project I felt vendors were so underrated, they get up early, have to work hard and long hours, and they make Hanoi so much more colorful than it already is.”

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“I have lived in Hanoi for some years. Photographing the street vendors became a little project of mine. I would spend hours on top of a couple of locations in Hanoi waiting for vendors to walk underneath the bridge.”










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