Tobias Hägg aka airpixelsmedia is a talented photographer, visual creator and filmmaker, who was born in Eskilstuna and currently based in Stockholm, Sweden. Tobias focuses on travel, adventure and aerial photography. ” I am passionate about adventures and to explore new places from a unique perspective,” he says. He is a Official ambassador for the outdoor brand Fjällräven.

I strive for perfection in all my work even though i know perfection isn’t something i can achieve. I strive for a unique perspective of life and i am on a constant chase for improvement.

Tobias Hägg uses Sony Alpha a7R camera and drones, he captures fabulous landscapes and aerial shots.

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My work is often inspired by nature and the beautiful things we usually take for granted. Behind every shot there is an idea of what i would like to accomplish and i hope you will find my work interesting.

Black Beach (unedited version) #icelandair

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