Ludwig Favre is a professional 41-year-old photographer, filmmaker and artist currently based in Paris, France. Ludwig focuses on landscaping and architecture, he captures the monumental architecture of Paris with the romantic eye of a Parisian. “History Studies of art , multimedia and audiovisual formed my photographer’s eye, sensitive reproductive picturesque landscapes”, he says. Favre has travelled widely, particularly between France and the United States. In New York, he allows himself to be surprised by the stunning infrastructure of the city and, whenever he gets the chance, reveals a vision oscillating between dynamism and serenity.

The photographic series entitled Summer Beach brings us in France, the wide of the Silver Coast . I realized these pictures one morning in August, the arrival of the first rays of sun and before the arrival of the many summer visitors. These wide shots reveal the immensity of the shoreline and the extent of his horizon. The silhouettes of people standing a few represented or installed on the sandbanks , playing or enjoying the view , seem tiny . Worn and rusted by time such a wreck , a high chair , designed for rescuers , gives us a sense of scale and proportion. , I have photographed ” moments of life,” whom I love capturing spontaneous.

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