Stunning birds shots by Sunil Gopalan, a professional photographer, adventurer, and birdwatcher currently based in Middleton, Wisconsin, USA. Sunil focuses mainly on bird photography. “I was interested in birds long before I photographed one”, he says. “The challenge of observing a small and wary creature with the capacity for flight is only compounded many times over when one is also attempting to obtain a good photograph of it”, Gopalan adds. Sunil has over 13,400 followers on Instagram and counting. His work has been featured in National Geographic, Audubon, Birding, and National Wildlife. Gopalan has been photographed birds on five continents.

I’m a bird photographer and this is primarily what I photograph. I travel frequently and widely to find and photograph my subjects at the right time and place. Regardless of the nature of the species, and whether they are a relatively common one from my Wisconsin backyard or an exotic one from Africa, I hope my photography highlights something unique about it and leaves you inquisitive to know more and keep your eyes and ears open the next time you take a walk outside.

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