Powerful street shots by David Sark, talented photographer, graphic designer and urban explorer currently based in Sydney, Australia. David focuses on capturing vibrant, night time street scenes. With a background in visual communication and graphic design, his eye is now drawn to the interesting shapes and forms of illuminated city environments and how the human form moves through and interacts within the space. Sark uses Canon 7D, Canon 5D Mark II and Fujifilm XE2 with a prime 35mm 1.4 lens. He has over 66,200 followers on instagram.

I earn my living inside, working on the computer for hours on end. I like what I do but exploring the outside world with my camera in hand is something I prefer to do. You never know what kind of randomness you may stumble upon. Some days I dont find anything interesting but others are like a circus of people, textures, sights and sounds. Not knowing what I may find is the thing that keeps me interested in exploring the city and capturing the little moments I discover.

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