Sylvia Schaffrath is a talented 22 years old photographer and student from Wiesbaden, western Germany. Sylvia specializes in portraiture, she uses both digital and analog techniques to express her visions through the camera. Let us hear more from the photographer herself…

When did you first think of becoming a photographer?

I never really thought of “becoming a photographer” one day, I was just always doing what i loved and that has always been spending time with my camera and great people. It’s all about a great passion and having a lighthearted time.
Sylvia Schaffrath2

Has portraiture always been a major focus of your photography?

Portraiture has always been a major focus of my photography. I always try to create emotional situations with people as I think an emotional content is a picture’s most important element.. and maybe, maybe sometimes I portrait myself through others.
Sylvia Schaffrath3

How would you describe your style?

That’s a pretty hard question.. as my style changed and still changes permanently. But I love desaturated colors and tones and mostly prefer melancholy atmospheres.
Sylvia Schaffrath4

If someone is interested in portrait photography, what would you recommend they try doing to get into the field?

JUST get your amazing one-eyed friend and forget everything about structural/ design rules and just enjoy your time taking photos, the more you love it the faster you will become better in what you are doing.
Sylvia Schaffrath5

What kind of equipment do you use now, and what did you start with?

In 2008 I started with a Canon 450D with the Canon lenses 18-55mm and 55-250mm. Some years later I bought the canon 50mm 1.8 for my first “better” portraits. About one year ago I was happy to buy a full frame DSLR –Canon 6D, the 35mm Sigma Art as well as the Canon 85mm 1.8. Some months ago I started trying some analogue stuff with a Minolta x-700 with 50mm 1.4.
Sylvia Schaffrath6

Who are some of you favorite photographers past or present?

There are a loot. But at the moment I really really love ‘Mariam Sitchinava Photography’. And to list some more great photographers: ‘Théo Gosselin’, ‘Alessio Albi Photography’, ‘micmojo photography’ ‘Ryan Muirhead Photography’ ‘Ines Rehberger’,..
Sylvia Schaffrath7

Briefly describe a Day in the Life of Sylvia Schaffrath!

Having ideas, trying new things, having a great shoot, but.. being unsatisfied because there are heaps of unbelievable amazing photographers/ photos .. searching for new inspiration, planning new shootings, editing and over and over again.. [heart emoticon]
Sylvia Schaffrath8

You can find Sylvia Schaffrath on the Web :

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All the pictures in this post are copyrighted to Sylvia Schaffrath.