Berlin-based fine art photographer, Markus Studtmann (featured previously) creates magical hypnotic architecture photographies that looks like optical illusions. Studtmann calls his process “painting with light,” and works by “decomposing and reassembling images in order to reduce them to their essential geometry and amplifying their perceived mood,” according to his website.

I’m trying to find beauty in looking for the visual essence of things: their underlying patterns, structure, shapes and geometry. In architecture photography I try to imagine what the architect might have had in mind while planning the building. A frist draft. A few lines and curves. The basics, without much distractions. That’s what I’m after. In order to get there, I often rearrange the scenery, remove distractions, simplify structures, decompose and reassemble whole images and paint light and shadows according to my imagination. This results in unique, often minimalistic composed images on the edge of graphics and paintings.

– Markus Studtmann

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