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Cuteness Overload: Marvelous Portrait Photography by Oscar aka Sotahboy

Gorgeous female portraits by Oscar a.k.a. sotahboy, talented 23-year-old photographer, filmmaker and retoucher from a small town in Minnesota, now living closer to the cities. Oscar focuses on portraiture, he shoots marvelous beauty, fashion and lifestyle portrait photography. Sotahboy uses Canon EOS 6D with Canon 50mm F/1.8 STM lens. He has over 32,600 followers on instagram. I express my feelings and emotions through my photography. I not only shoot with my cannon, but I also fly with a drone. More info: instagram / website

Redheads: Marvelous Portrait Photography by Erika Parfenova

Erika Parfenova is a multi-talented photographer, artist, traveler and educator from Vologda who currently lives and works in Saint Petersburg, Russia. This is a collection of portraits with red hair and freckles, all of them shot in St. Petersburg. This project introduced me to a whole army of red people, different ages, sex, professions. More info: instagram / facebook / website

Marvelous Portrait Photography by Ellen Belle Hansen

Ellen Belle Hansen is a talented 20-year-old self-taught photographer and artist based in Boise, Idaho, USA. Ellen focuses on portraiture, she shoots amazing conceptual, lifestyle and beauty portrait photography. Hansen started photography at the age of 15 in the darkroom with her parent’s 35mm cameras, she discovered her intense love for capturing moments, and hasn’t stopped since. She draws inspiration from golden light, clean lines, and quirky expressions, with a goal is to explore the human condition and evoke curiosity. More info: instagram / facebook / website

Marvelous Portrait Photography by Rick Gallina

Rick Gallina is a talented self-taught portrait and lifestyle photographer currently based in Southern Colorado. Focusing on portraiture, Rick’s love for film helps him bring a cinematic style to his work that conveys emotion and elements story telling. Rick shoots with a Sony A7Rii. More info: instagram / facebook / website

Marvelous Portrait Photography by Ronny Garcia

Ronny Garcia is a talented self-taught photographer, retoucher and artist based in Santiago, Chile. Ronny focuses on portraiture, he shoots amazing conceptural, beauty and fine art portrait photography. I discovered photography just around october of 2013 and soon after began the 365 project, i’m still working on it, but my passion for it have been growing day by day, and the necessity to keep on doing push me to work hard in what i’m doing. More info: facebook / flickr

Marvelous Portrait Photography by Kai Böttcher

Kai Böttcher is a talented 23-year-old self-taught photographer, retoucher and virtual design student currenlty based in Kaiserslautern, Germany. Kai focuses on portraiture, he shoots vibrant fashion, lifestyle and beauty portrait photography. Böttcher uses Sony A7R II camera with 50 & 85mm lens. Since i was 14, digital art became my passion. I started with editing pictures and creating brand logos. I was interested more and more in surrealism and manipulation of pictures . So I applied at the University of Kaiserslautern , which is specialized in Digital Art and Virtual Design. Lately I focused more on portraits because I love ... Read more

Marvelous Portrait Photography by Stephen Crosson

Stephen Crosson is a photographer based in Southfield, Michigan who loves to travel to capture moments in life from a different perspective. “The world is filled with people from such diverse walks of life and I look to capture those unique stories and lives to share them with others,” he says. Crosson raised by parents who encouraged his curiosity and creativity, he’s cultivated the skills of a seasoned professional graphic designer, photographer, videographer and entrepreneur, while integrating his fresh ability to bring an unparalleled and surprisingly unique flair to every project he works on. Stephen shoots a lot of portrait, ... Read more