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Stunning Instagrams by Vivien Liu

Vivien Liu (previously featured) is a talented Hong Kong-based self-taught photographer and architect, who discovered a passion in photographing the urban density

Stunning Instagrams by Erik Hageman

Erik Hageman is a talented 25-year-old self-taught photographer and e-commerce marketer from Noordwijk, Zuid-Holland who currently based in Haarlem, The Netherlands. Erik

Stunning Instagrams by Johan Corminboeuf

Johan Corminboeuf is a talented 23-year-old self-taught photographer, filmmaker and media designer currently based near Lausanne, Switzerland. Johan shoots a lot of

Stunning Instagrams by Konrad Langer

Konrad Langer aka konaction is a talented self-taught photographer and instagrammer from Berlin, Germany who shares stunning architecture and street photographs on