Tanner Wendell Stewart is a Seattle-based Emmy Award winning photographer, born and raised in the small town of Enterprise, Oregon. He moved to Seattle in 2006 to more fervently pursue a career in photography, but the years spent among open plains, pristine lakes, and stitch-work mountain ridges, alongside his small community of friends in Enterprise developed in Tanner a love for capturing the beauty of nature, and a deep appreciation for the warmth of people and the value of relationships. It is these things that he tries to capture in every frame.

“This world is full of beauty—in nature, in people—and it is my desire to show this through my photography. In every image and every snap of the shutter, I want to take a hold of the things in life that make this world amazing, and share them with the world.”

More than photography, Tanner is known for his warm heart and inviting personality. An hour of conversation and it feels like he’s a childhood friend. As a professional photographer Tanner’s career is full of accomplishment, but his heart doesn’t beat for a glimmering career or creative notoriety. Rather, using photography as a means to affect change in the world around him, Tanner has decided to dedicate his career, and the 2013 year specifically, to raise awareness and funds to support anti-human trafficking, through this Shoot the Skies project.

Tanner is partnered with a copywriter, Jordan Ekeroth and a designer named Libby Tipton