Alexander Mendelevich is a talented photographer and artist, who was born in 1979 in the North Caucasus in Russia, studied at Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in Jerusalem, and currently lives and works in Tel Aviv. Alexander focuses on fine art, fashion and narrative portraiture. “I am looking for a different perfection in humanity,” he says. “It is interesting for me to expose it through drama, the drama of being.”

Staged photography gives me more control to make the occurring more sharp, to build a reality on the set like a sculptor, when you can feel every detail, where 1/60 sec. of exposure is transformed to something permanent. It’s like trying to compress life to one regular situation and to turn emotion and feeling into an object.

For this photo-series I chose to concentrate girl-photos because I wanted to empower the sensation of being present, to make it deep, as there are more and more situations with the same atmosphere a whole world is being portrayed and becomes real, acquiring rules, characteristics, a certain vibe and personality, the place gets a world of life of its own.

For me it turned out that, through distortion, the pictures became clearer and with a greater sense of what is true. Tel Aviv’s girls in the photos look immersed in a dream, one that is a little strange, a bit absurd, but feels normal.

I aimed to put together a collective image of their daily attributes; bicycles showing elegance when put together with dresses, a combination of amusement, transportation and physical strength, with helmets that are used both for protection and as a type of mask, at the same time.
So, they are kind of today’s survivors, torn apart by typical modern reality, where they are between livelihood and studies, banks and dreams, trends and personal style, postmodernism, nihilism, fashion, war, and so on.



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