Alexei Sovertkov is a talented portrait photographer and visual artist known for his Renaissance portraiture, based in Moscow, Russia. Alexei inspired by Dutch and Flemish Renaissance artists like Jan van Eyck, Rogier van der Weyden, and Hans Holbein. In his latest series titled “Temptation of Void”, Sovertkov presents portraits of extraordinary family with fishbowls over their heads.

Voidness as a quality of consciousness , means simply that one cannot identify them as one’s own self or having anything pertaining to one’s own self…

Voidness as a mental state, means a mode of perception in which one neither adds anything to nor takes anything away from what is present, noting simply, “There is this.”

This mode is achieved through a process of intense concentration, coupled with the insight that notes more and more subtle levels of the presence and absence of disturbance.

– Alexei Sovertkov






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