Thierry Bansront is a talented French photographer and artist, who was born in 1975 in New Caledonia. After growing up in Britain, Thierry moved to Paris at age 18 and worked in the video game for 6 years. Bansront currently based in Uzes, Languedoc Roussillon, he shoots a lot of fashion, beauty and portrait photography. For his project “Neoclassical”, Thierry gets inspiration from classical paintings to create his stunning female portraits.

«I am primarily a portrait painter, lover of faces and emotions that can restore a look, an expression of body movement. I have a preference for rendering homage to the painting of the neoclassical period. the set of lights and colors that highlight the natural beauty of the models. A style that tries to get away from the dictates of modern representation of women to return to ue some form of grace and gentleness. I also love nude photography allows me to working in a more creative way»

Thierry Bansront