Thierry Bornier, a French photographer specialist in china Landscapes who doesn’t came from a traditional path of this industry. Graded with MBA in finance, his life started working as a Chief Financial Officer in an international fashion company in New York from 2001-2008 but numbers is not enough to feed his eyes of subjective beauty in nature and fashion.

His passion in photography has evolves in both avenue to capture the moment of truth in high fashion and landscape. When Thierry started traveling he found southwest China compose the most beautiful landscapes where he call home in Yunnan. In 2008 until now he never rest his desire of working as a Photographer.

Capturing beauty of people, fashion, nature or landscape has different approach and very challenging but if you love your work, you will never stop to learn. The best school is about to be curious and learn from others.

Thierry believe what the nature give us as beauty will one day be gone forever because of our climate change and maybe what we do capture today will be just memories from Photographer leaving traces of our wonderful earth.

China is for him an amazing country full of so many places for landscapes and encourage everyone love nature to come to discover this dreamy lands of beauty.

Published in National Geography few times ( and winner Award of One eyeland in 2012 and 2013 , Thierry is living in china for more than 6 years and organizes private and Group workshop in china .

Thierry use one of the best camera in the world Phase one IQ280 and never do any HDR in his pictures to keep the real world.