Tian Taiquan, born in Chongqing, graduated from Sichuan Fine Arts Institution in 1984. The artist practiced in conceptual photography earlier in China. Tian’s most renowned series, namely “Lost”, “Totem Recollection”, etc are about the Red Guards in the Cultural Revolution.

Works of Tian Taiquan have developed in aspect of time, in other words, Past, Present & Future. “Cultural Revolution” series is concerned about the history of China; “Internet Focus” series is the artistic expression of current social phenomonen all over the world; and “7010 – Life After People” series focus on ultimate destiny of human beings. From 2005 to 2010, Tian Taiquan’s works have been exhibited in around 20 solo exhibitions and 40 joint exhibitions across the continents, such as China, United States, United Kingdom, France, Russia, Canada, Singapore Spain, Australia, Korea, etc. They are widely collected in numerous international institutions, University of Wisconsin System in United States, University of Salford in United Kingdom, Guanfu Museum, Shijiazhuang Contemporary Art Museum, Macao Museum of Art and so on. Tian is the residence artist in “Tank Loft?Chongqing Contemporary Art Center” currently.