Growing up in Paddington in the 1970’s, at that time a very colourful part of Sydney, Toby Burrows was immersed in art from a very young age. He was fortunate enough to spend time with influential Australian artists and family friends, Charles Blackman, David Boyd and Margaret Olley.

Toby’s first passion was painting which he studied at the Sydney College of the Arts before dropping out after a year, to pursue photography. He took his camera to London in 1991, landing a job managing Europe’s largest photographic studio complex, Holborn Studios. For a period of four years he was fortunate to work alongside photographers such as David Bailey. It was here that Toby’s passion for photography took hold.

Toby returned to Sydney and began to build an eclectic collection of personal and commissioned work, establishing a significant base of advertising clients both in Australia and internationally. His edgy style and award-winning photography have been celebrated with a World Press Award, New York Festival Gold and numerous Cannes and one show finalists.

‘Fallen’, Toby’s first international solo photography exhibition, received significant recognition through publications such as the NY Arts Magazine and ‘Dazed and Confused’ Magazine UK. The work was embraced by popular culture when it was posted on Kanye West’s and Justin Timberlake’s blogs.