Tomas de la Fuente was born in Madrid, in 1980. His passion for beautiful imagery has been a part of his existence since childhood. His attraction to images and they’re use in our everyday life, led him to study Advertising and Public Relations in Madrid. New York was on his mind during this time, and the idea of becoming a film director became interesting to him. Instead, unexpectedly a camera felt into his hands, and the start of his career as a photographer was on the the rise.

Fashion photography is where Tom醩 found his calling. He was endlessly inspired by icons such as Helmut Newton, Irving Penn, Richard Avedon, Guy Burdin, etc. His motivation soared, and he began to approach photography professionally. He decided to embark on a journey to London, where he assisted some photographers, later returning to Madrid to continue his apprenticeship.

2008 marks the year when he became a freelance photographer, and gaining a personal client list. His works began to range from fashion to advertising, with a focus on portraits. He has always, when client permitted, intended to show through his true roots and incredible imagery references.

During his working career, Tom醩 has worked for magazines like TELVA, YO DONA, S MODA, AD France, LAMONO, RAGAZZA, FIERZE MAGAZINE, BLOWBACK MAGAZINE, etc.