Tony Kelly is a Dublin born photographer with world class experience. As a colleague he is all ease and charm, yet he retains the absolute and undeterred focus of his Irish forefathers in the arts – he has a vision and he can execute it. There is little you can throw at him that he can’t turn into a dynamic and desirable shoot.

His career started at Independent Newspaper Group and spent his formative years covering people and places that most of us never want to see. Such as the civil war in Rwanda and the war in Afghanistan. After eight years of covering conflict, Tony moved his focus to fashion. Unsurprisingly considering his apprenticeship in the world of news photography, he´s not afraid of emotions or flesh.

Tony Kelly´s fashion photography trademarks are dynamism, sex, relationships, boundaries that are transgressed, beautiful men, beautiful women, ugly emotions, ecstasy, ferocious colour, darkest black and total dedication to the integrity of the shoot.