Spectacular underwater dog portraits by Seth Casteel (previously featured with Adorable Cats And Kittens Flying Through The Air), talented animal photographer, retoucher and artist currently based in Marina del Rey, California. Seth focuses on dogs, he shoots stunning lifestyle pet photography. For his latest series “Uderwater Dogs”, Casteel captured the moment the water dogs break through the surface of the water to spectacular effect. “To create this series, I taught swimming lessons to over 1500 puppies, building their confidence in the water and helping them develop safety and survival skills,” he explaines. His work has been published in National Geographic Magazine, The New York Times Magazine and in hundreds of other magazines, newspapers and calendars.

I was photographing a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel named Buster back in 2010 in his backyard in California. The photo shoot was meant to be “On-land”, but Buster decided he would rather be in the pool. As I watched him dive in over and over again chasing his favorite mini tennis ball, I thought, “What does he look like under there!!”. I left, bought a little point-and-shoot underwater camera, zipped back and jumped in. The resulting photos were the beginning of the series of Underwater Dogs.

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