Underneath we are women is a new campaign that will photograph 100 women in their underwear to show the body diversity of women.

Amy D Herrman is a talented 26-year-old photographer and mum-of-two from Adelaide, Australia. She started the project, that aims to show the incredible diversity of women’s bodies. “Underneath we are women” is a photobook which documents 100 women, 100 bodies, 100 stories – is the body image campaign we’ve all been waiting for. Amy et herself the task 12 months ago to capture a variety of women from all different shapes and sizes in their underwear as part of her Underneath We Are Women project.

This project is about showcasing the diversity of women’s bodies and sharing the stories that shaped them rather than succumbing to the fictitious default stories that have long been associated with various body types.

– Amy Herrmann

The women in the project range from 19 to 73 years old; they’ve survived cancer, given birth, lived tremendously rich lives and overcome a wide variety of obstacles.

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