Craig Colvin is an award-winning photographer, artist and educator currently based in San Jose, California. His primary focus is using the human body as art. Craig uses photography to share the visions that are in his mind and is happiest when his finger is on the shutter button. This is expressed in many forms; abstracting the body and concentrating on patterns, shapes, and geometry so the viewer isnt always sure at first glance if the image contains a body or not; using light and shadow to emphasize the lines and form of the body; or using the body to mimic the shapes and curves that are found in nature. This might be the gentle slope of a sand dune, a curve of a rock, or the rolling hills of a mountain range. Making a body conform to natural formations reinforces this similarity between the nature of the body and the nature of the land. Colvin uses Canon 5 DmkIII camera.

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