Brian Skerry is an professional 58-year-old photographer and filmmaker currently based in Boston, Massachusetts, USA. Brian studied Communications Media at Worcester State College. Skerry focuses on marine wildlife and underwater environments, he captures images that not only celebrate the mystery and beauty of the sea but also bring attention to the pressing issue which endanger our oceans. A photojournalist for National Geographic, Brian has spent over 10,000 hours beneath the waves capturing iconic images many of us are familiar with.

Video by @BrianSkerry. A Shortfin Mako Shark attacks a mullet bait, towed by a fisherman in the waters of New Zealand. Makos are one of the fastest animals in the sea, capable of swimming at speeds of over 45 mph. Sport fishermen frequently use a mullet bait – towed at speeds of nearly 10 knots – to try and catch marlin, but Mako Sharks often attack the bait instead. Photographer Brian Skerry (@BrianSkerry) built a special tow camera and used a high-speed video system to capture this astounding behavior in slow motion. Learn more about these amazing animals in the August issue of National Geographic Magazine (@NatGeo), with a story featuring my photographs. Also be sure to check out the new book – SHARK – by @BrianSkerry and @NatGeo, available at the link in my bio or wherever books are sold! #shark #mako #follow #onassignment #nationalgeographic #natgeo #photographer #photography #underwaterphoto #makoshark #newzealand #nz #pacific #fishing #travelphoto #travel #photooftheday #conservation #preservation

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Brian Skerry has been a contract photographer for National Geographic magazine since 1998, covering a range of subjects and stories. His award-winning photography celebrates the mystery and beauty of the sea and brings attention to issues that endanger our oceans and its inhabitants. He is the author of 10 books, has had work featured in numerous national magazines and frequently lectures on photography and conservation issues.

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