Do you want to rediscover articles or journals that you saved, marked as favorite or even liked from one of the services that you all like?
We all have our ideal read it later app like the pocket and a great digital filing cabinet like Evernote. These are two amazing applications, mainly when used together because they allow you to have a more organized system for saving any article you want to read later. They help you keep something that you find interesting while browsing other works. Once you are done, you will use the applications to rediscover what you saved for later.

Both Evernote and Pocket have different functions. Evernote offers various tools used to capture and save the website content To dump all your clippings from the websites, twitter, and your RSS reader does it on Pocket. This application simplifies the process of checking off articles that you have already read. You will be able to browse through the saved pages and work and get to what you want.. After reading the article, you can later send it to Evernote. Evernote application is used to save articles and other things for future references. It is more of a digital library. Evernote application acts as a long-term uncluttered storage tool.

Most prefer clipping everything to Pocket and not Evernote. This is because pinning everything on the Evernote application makes it quite difficult to sift through all your various notes and articles as well as the other items you have clipped. Therefore, one needs to have both applications for more comfortable use. Dumping everything on Evernote makes it even harder to search for content. You may also be forced to discard your content after reading to create room for others. Users are advised to combine pocket with Evernote for a clutter-free paperless system.

The following is a process on how one can easily keep their Evernote clutter-free;

• Save to pocket- ensure that you save most of your articles or links to pocket.
For example, when using Twitter, one can save tweets containing links that they may be interested in reading later directly to pocket.
• Review the content on Pocket- every time you have some free time, review the content saved in the Pocket Application.
You will only need to open the pocket app, view some articles, skip some and read what you want to learn.
• Send content to Evernote- it is quite easy to move content to Evernote from the Pocket app.
The first thing is to configure your Pocket to send documents to your Evernote account. Then click on the content to be moved and press the “send to” on Pocket.
• Automation- this is a process where the content automatically saved in the Pocket app.
Then later you will sort the articles out leaving the most important ones.

It may seem very overwhelming to use two clipping application services, but it helps. There are many advantages of clipping the two applications like saving you lots of articles that one might not want to keep around for long. All read-it-later applications have an option where you can send the materials to archives. For example in the pocket, there is a “send to” or the IFTTT button to send articles faster and easier directly to Evernote. Posting articles from Pocket to Evernote notebooks allows you to sort the materials later without straining. Evernote and Pocket are encouraging everyone to go paperless and enjoy keeping their Evernote clutter-free.

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