Know Why A Professional Wedding Photographer Is Best

As a wedding photographer, you spend a lot of your time focusing on the business side of it. You want to provide your clients with the most beautiful pictures and you want to turn a profit for yourself. Beyond that, though, you should think about some other things. For example, as a photographer, you should know why someone should hire you over having his or her Uncle Vinny take charge of the photographs themselves. Do you know why hiring a professional wedding photographer is best?

There are many reasons why this is the most successful choice for a bride and a groom. Consider the following reasons.

  1. The quality of the photographers obtained by the client will be far better than if they took them. The fact is, even with excellent equipment and basic skills, the quality of a wedding photo are best when left to a professional to handle.

  1. If a couple hires a professional wedding photographer, chances are good that they will enjoy their day much more than if they had a friend handle the photos. The professional not only knows how to get the right shots, but he or she gets it done quickly and without worry to the couple.

  1. The professional has the ability to give the couple more time to themselves. Rather than standing there taking dozens of photos, they are able to relax more and enjoy themselves. The pictures are taken care of.

  1. It may even be less stressful for the bride and groom if they know a professional is taking all of these memories in for them. They do not have to worry about someone being missed or that something is not properly done. They know that a pro is handling the wedding shots.

  1. When the wedding photographs are done and printed, your friend or your cousin is still your friend. In other words, when things do not go right, and the shots do not come out properly, the professional is to blame and there is no lost friendship over it.

As a professional wedding photographer, you can add to this list of reasons why a couple should be working with you. You may have to bring these points up to them from time to time especially in regards to the worry that they are spending too much on a service like this. Show them the importance of it.

The Importance Of A Wedding Photography Shot List

As you look for a few wedding photography tips, remember this one, which may be the most important of them all. Ensure that each of your brides, grooms and their families create what is called a shot list. You do not read minds, so you do need to know what they are expecting from you. No matter if this list is large or small, it will play an integral part in the success of your photo shoot. However, it can be difficult to approach a couple about such a list. Before you take the plunge, consider these helpful tips.

How To Get A Great Shot List

One of the biggest problems with a shot list is the client that goes overboard. It may seem that they want every shot imaginable and that may kill any type of spontaneity that you are hoping to create in the wedding photography. It can also make it difficult for you to get everything accomplished. To avoid the bride and groom with a long shot list, consider asking them if they

have any special shots they would like to make sure you get. Do not ask for a list, but a few special shots.

In addition to this, be sure to let them know what shots you are going to take already. For example, bridal party shots are a given, but state that those will be taken, along with parent shots. Ask about any other important shots necessary. This way, it will allow hold off the couple from giving you a long list.

Here are a few more things to consider about shot lists for wedding photography.

  1. Do ensure that every shot they request happens. Keep a laminated list with you that you can check off as you complete them. Disappointing the couple will hurt future referrals.

  1. Talk about family shots specifically. There may be a group shot of brothers and sisters, or a shot with nieces and nephews that is important. Best friend shots are commonly important too.

  1. Allow them to think about any important shots they may like. Allow them to talk with their family about any shots those family members would like to have as well. This could increase the number of copies produced.

Wedding photography is not an exact science and while things go wrong from time to time (do not guarantee these shots, after all) you can count on easing the process if you have a shot list to work from.

5 Mistakes First Time Wedding Photographers Make

As you prepare for your first wedding shoot, be sure you have done everything to be ready for this event. There are plenty of things for you to do, including having a lot of fun. Although you may be very prepared for this event, and have done all of your homework, there may be a few things that you forgot about. It is actually common for first time wedding photographers to make a few mistakes along the way.

The following five mistakes are some of the most commonly made. Avoid them and your first experience will be far more enjoyable.

  1. You failed to test your equipment. Even if your equipment is brand new, if you do not ensure that everything is in working condition the day before, do not be surprised if there are problems the day of your wedding shoot. You need to plan to have a great day by first making sure your equipment is in the best possible working condition.

  1. You did not visit the locations before you arrived on the wedding day. This is another problem that many first time wedding photographers make. If you have not visited the location the day before or a few days before the event, you cannot plan for the shots you will take. It is also important to ensure that the location is available.

  1. You have not looked into restrictions at the church. Many religious facilities limit the type of photography able to be in use within the church. In addition, there are often limitations on what you can film, what areas of the church you can step into and other limitations.

Get this information ahead of time.

  1. You have no idea who is in the wedding party, how many people will be in the photographs or other important details of the event. This could be a big mistake to make. Ask questions to ensure that everything is ready to go.

  1. You did not contact the bride and groom the week before to confirm, to get your deposit or to find out if there are any changes, you need to know about. Do not count on them to provide this information.

Wedding shoots are going to be a lot of fun to do, but only if you do not make these mistakes. Keep yourself on task and be sure to ask these questions so that you can get the right answers.

A Wedding Photographer Cannot Be Timid

The wedding photographer is tasked with finding the best shots and impressing the couple with some of the most memory rich photos they can. It is no easy job, but to do it right, you may need to be bold. A shy photographer is not going to be able to pull off the great shots simply because he or she will not get into those places enough to find them. Getting the shot means that you need to be bold. The moment is over as quickly as it began and if you are not there to get it, you have missed it for the couple.

Timing is everything when it comes to getting great wedding photos. You need to be thinking not in the now, but in the future so that you can get in the right position to get the shot that you want. However, while you do need to get into those locations, you also need to ensure that you are not intruding into the moment. This really is a fine line. Disrupting the moment is not an option.

Here are some tips on being bold without being disruptive of the event.

      1. Think ahead of the action. Where are people moving? How can you get to the front of the line without being disruptive?

      1. Move around several times during the ceremony, but make your moves when songs are changing or when a speech is over. You do not want to be moving around during the wedding’s quiet moments as this makes you more noticeable.

      1. In formal shots, you do need to take charge. Be sure you know what you are looking for in these shots and make them happen by directing people. It is best to know what you need and to direct the wedding party specifically by name to get the shot.

      1. During formal shots, remember that you are in charge, making the process happen. Do not wait for others to get in place. You need to get them in place.

Knowing when to be bold and when to be a sideliner is important. A wedding photographer should not be visible and heard during those intimate moments of the wedding, but during the formal shots, the shots you set up, it is very important to be bold to get the shot accomplished professionally. To polish your skills, focus on accomplishing this wedding photography tip.

Are You Using RAW?

This wedding photography tip is not one that many people will like. The problem is that you need do to a bit more work with it. It is a common situation for the wedding photographer to be in a tight position after the wedding is over. The important shots did not come out right or you just wish that you had the ability to change one or two elements within the photo. Most wedding photographers do have a lot on their minds anyway. It is important to consider the benefits of using RAW.

Those who shoot in RAW will have to do a bit more work. There is more processing involved there, but it can be worth it to do this extra work. Consider the importance of the wedding day. It is an understanding that most brides and grooms expect you to do a lot of work to get them the right shots both on the wedding day and during the processing process. If you show up to the after wedding meeting with just a handful of acceptable shots, you will see the disappointment on their faces. Instead of having to handle this, consider investing the time in shooting in RAW. Why do you need it? In particular, it can be very helpful later on. It gives you a lot more flexibility to manipulate the shots after you have taken them. Imagine the number of scenarios that could occur in the average wedding, from lighting problems to white balance. The average shot, no matter how well done, may not be perfect just because of the variables involved in taking the shot. However, if you have invested in shooting in RAW, chances are great that you will be able to do something about those shots.

RAW will help the average and the professional wedding photographer to pull off great shots. Weddings are the type of event that you do want to invest a little more time into and put that extra effort into. RAW can help with manipulating the exposure to deal with lighting problems and to help you with white balance. If you have yet to shoot a wedding with RAW, consider doing that this time around. You may find that the job is more enjoyable when you can present fantastic looking pictures (and more of them) to the bride and the groom. It really is worth the extra processing work to get those final pictures.

Getting Great Detail Wedding Shots

The mark of an excellent wedding photographer is their ability to create unique and beautiful shots. Not all photographers can accomplish this and yet it does not have to be difficult to do. One-way to get some very special wedding shots is to focus on the smaller details of the wedding that make the most impressive of shots happen. For example, by just focusing on some of the smallest yet most significant items of the wedding day, you will easily be able to get excellent shots your wedding party will cherish.

Ideas For Those Close Up Shots

Shooting the smaller details is a great way to get the best overall shots for the wedding. There is no rule that says that the bride and the groom have to be in every shot that is taken. In fact, some of the very best shots are those that do not require either of them to be shown in the photos. Consider these ideas, for example.

      1. Photograph rings. The rings are one of the most prized possessions and most significant elements of the wedding. Ask the bride and the groom to take a photo of the two rings, perhaps overlapping each other or lying on the detail work of the bridal dress. Get a crisp shot that shows the details of the rings.

      1. Get an up-close shot of the couple’s hands. This is a classic wedding shot and may be one of their favorites. Perhaps the couple is clasping hands together and their wedding rings are showing.

      1. Get a close up shot of the wedding table setting. Try to get into the reception hall before the guests and get a photo of the guest’s table or an up-close shot of the wedding cake being slices.

      1. Get a close up of the prayer books, the itinerary and even the menu for the wedding day. These too help to show the details of the wedding that the bride and groom may not remember without the photo.

      1. Get a close up shot of the bouquet, so close that you can see the color differences in the petals.

These shots may not seem like the ones traditionally taken, but they can be an excellent way for you to get the most impressive shots. If you need inspiration, just take some time to browse through a few wedding magazines. This wedding photography tip is sure to be a pleaser.

5 Tips For The First Time Wedding Photographer

As a first time wedding photographer, you may be worried about numerous things. There is likely plenty going through your mind already. It is easy to become overwhelmed by all that you need to do, the things you need to avoid and the fact that your career may be riding on this single event. If you are a good photographer, you are also considering the importance of this event, and the pictures for it, to the bride and groom. You know your job. How can you pull it off without a hitch?

The following wedding photographer tips can help you to make sure that the event goes well from start to finish.

      1. Understand what you are doing as well as the importance of it. Since this is your first shoot, be sure that your guests know fully that this is your first shoot. They may have high expectations, but you need to keep those expectations grounded. You do not want to disappoint them later.

      1. A letter of agreement should be complete no matter who the couple is. This will provide for a simple result in instances where something could go wrong. It is also an ideal way for you to communicate what you expect from the arrangement as well. At the end of the day, there is no confusion about what is to be expected.

      1. Wedding photography is not cheap. You will likely spend countless hours working on the photos. Some professionals invest 30 to 40 hours on a single event’s photos. Therefore, do not limit yourself budget wise by not charging enough for your services. Not only do you need to cover your time investment, but also your investment in equipment and other material.

      1. Practice ahead of time to ensure you are ready for the event. Have you considered the lighting and the exposures? Have you thought about the layout of the pictures and the difficulties of any person in the wedding party?

      1. Have you planned for any situations that you can prepare for? Do you have a backup plan for equipment failure, or when a location is not available for photos? These too are your responsibilities.

As a first time wedding photographer to know what to expect is the most difficult of aspects. Yet, you can find yourself enjoying your time with the couple if you relax and take the process one-step at a time.

Have Fun As A Wedding Photographer

You have a large job to do and while you may focus on creating the very best wedding photos for your clients, it is important to enjoy yourself. In fact, it is very important for you to focus on enjoying yourself if you hope to actually have great looking pictures. The more formal and uptight you are, the more your photos will reflect those same images. As a wedding photographer, it is always a good idea to enjoy yourself so that the bride, groom and the rest of the wedding party can also enjoy their day.

No One Likes Lots Of Pictures

Although you need to take dozens of photographs throughout the course of the wedding day, you cannot expect that your clients are going to enjoy the process. More so, even wedding party has that one or two people that just do not like to take photos at all. It may be difficult for you to get them to smile and to enjoy themselves. However, it is your job to do so. So, how can you make it happen? Consider the following tips to help you.

      1. Do enlist the help of the group. Be sure that everyone is willing and able to talk to you throughout the day. This starts by you introducing yourself to each of the wedding party and talking with them throughout the day.

      1. Flattery does go along way. In fact, it is one of those things that helps people to relax and to feel good about themselves. You need that to happen if you want to provide your wedding clients with great looking photos. Do offer a few nice statements, especially to those who seem nervous. It will help.

      1. Be friendly and smile. Those two simple things are easy to overlook by even the most successful of wedding photographers. You are focuses on the job at hand, but if you through in a smile, it helps to relax the group. Did you get the shot? Do you hate the way it looks? Is it that bad? Those are all things running through their minds if you are not smiling.

It may seem like a risk to say it, but having fun at a wedding is an important part of your job. The wedding photographer does set the tone from the first moment with their clients. Make sure you are positive and enjoying yourself so they can too.

Make The Most Of The Unexpected With Wedding Photography

After doing all of the planning you can, you wake up the morning of the wedding photo gig that you have and something has gone wrong. It is something that you did not plan for, nor did you have a backup plan in place that could deal with it. What do you do? You could panic but that will not get the photos taken, nor will it make you look good in the eyes of your clients. Keep this in mind as you plan for your first or your 101st wedding photography gig. No matter what you do to plan, something will go wrong.

Be Positive…You Say!

It may sound negative to say that something will go wrong on the wedding day shoot, but that is the way that things happen. It does not have to hinder you, though. In fact, it could be the right way for you to pull your true creative photographer out and get the best shots possible. With a bit of thinking outside the box, you may find yourself in the position to make the most of this situation.

A good example is the weather. You cannot control it but it has a way of going wrong on the wrong days. Image the middle of the summer and an unexpected storm shows up. How can you take this situation and make the most of it? Give your couple a large umbrella and let them walk through the puddles along the steps that they were to be taking their formal pictures. If it is windy, allow your photos to notice that fact. It will create some very interesting shots that everyone will appreciate.

What other situations could go wrong? Do not just focus on your own problems, but those of the entire wedding party. Imagine the panic when the best man cannot find the wedding ring. Get a photo of this. Imagine the flower girl running out the back of the church crying. Grab this shot, too.

It may not seem like the best shot now, but after the worry has passed, it is an ideal way to display the emotion of the day. Many wedding photographers lack the ability to capture real emotion, not just plastered smiles. These types of incidence, no matter how large or small, really do affect the quality of the shots you take and the finished project.

A Simple Wedding Photographer Tip On The Sound

When it comes to the wedding day, every photographer should do everything he or she can to ensure that the couple is getting the best experience they have had. If you have every stood on a red carpet event, or in any other event where there are countless photographers and each of them is clicking away, you know that the sounds of the cameras can often drown out the sounds of the people on the carpet. It is difficult to hear anything. What you may not realize is that the sounds of your wedding photography equipment may also be interfering with the sound quality at the wedding.

What To Do

Most of the time, a wedding photographer will not even notice his or her camera’s sounds. It is easy to blacken this out since you hear it so often. It is a common mistake, in fact, to not pay any attention to the sound. The sounds it makes may even be triggers for you to take the shot or to hold off. You have gotten so used to them you have no idea that those around you can in fact hear them, too.

Before you head to the wedding ceremony, take the time to turn off the sounds of your camera. Most modern cameras do allow you to do this through a simple menu setting. If you are not sure how to do it on your camera, simply check out the owner’s manual (you can find the manual online if you cannot locate it otherwise.) Learn to turn off the sounds on the camera and keep them off.

You likely want to keep the sounds offer during several important scenarios on the wedding day:

      1. Keep it off within the church or other religious building. The religious celebrant may not tolerate it anyway.

      1. Avoid the camera sounds whenever there is a lot of noise going on. After all, you do not want to add to the noise level and therefore have a difficult time hearing your guests speak to you.

      1. Turn it off during the kiss. This is an instant where quiet is best!

It seems like such a simple thing but this wedding photography tip may be one of those that you did not think about. It is easy to overlook the importance of something so small, too. The good news is that no one will notice if it is not on!

Problems On The Site For Wedding Photographers

As a wedding photographer, you may run into problems from time to time. It may be difficult to pull off all the right shots all the right times. However, something else that happens from time to time that can really deflate even the most experienced wedding photographers. For example, you may find yourself unable to communicate your needs properly or you may not be getting the shots you want due to your equipment not working properly. What can you do?

Salvage Yourself First

The first thing you need to do in a stressful situation like this is to step away. Imagine that everything is going wrong and although you have done the best you could, you are finding it very difficult to break away from the despair. Step away. Go to your car. Talk a walk for a few minutes. Get away from the people that are making it difficult and regroup for a second. This simple tip will provide you with the strongest resource possible: your skill.

Make Intentions Clear

In instances where there are problems with the photo shoot that you cannot overcome, it may be best to regroup with those who are paying you. For example, there may be people who are making it difficult for you to get the shots you need. You are doing your best, but if it becomes too difficult and you are worried about getting the right shots, speak up. It is more important to let others know there is a problem than to avoid the problem and then turn around with very poor pictures to show for all of your hard work.

In situations of problems with equipment, or other problems caused by you, apologize and have a backup plan. In situations where you cannot help the problem, it is important to bring this to the attention of the wedding party as soon as possible. There may be a solution available to them at this point.

Wedding photographers have a difficult job. Although it is a very rewarding job, it is possible for you to find yourself stressed during some of it. Take the time to consider all of your options. Find the solution by first walking away for a moment. You can only do so much yourself, too. In most situations, you will be able to rely on your skill to pull off the shots and to save the day.

Use Continuous Shooting Features

Although you do a lot of hard work to get each of your formal shots to be as natural and as beautiful as possible, you may not be getting the best shot available. Continuous shooting is a resource that you can benefit from. This feature, which is available on many professional cameras, allows you to keep shooting, repeatedly right away. Some cameras have a feature in them that requires the shot to take five to ten seconds to take. This delay is for focusing and other needs, but it can also cause you to lose some of the best shots.

The continuous feature that many cameras have is an ideal tool to use. It provides you with the ability to grab shot after shot. It is also quite easy to use. You only need to find the menu options for your camera and turn the feature on. It is not something that you have to have on all the time, as that can lead to too many shots being taken. But, whenever you are doing a series of shots, especially formal shots, it is important to use this feature.

One of the best reasons to do this is because the shot after the posed shot may be the best shot. Imagine bringing together a group of people for their 23rd photo of the day. They are tired and their smiles are forced. This does not produce the best overall result for any photo. On the other hand, you could get them all to relax even very slightly after that formal photo is taken. The next one makes it seem like everyone is relaxing some. That is the shot that your clients will want to own.

This feature is available on most cameras, especially those used by the professional wedding photographer. It is worth investing in if you do not have it on this model of camera. It is able to take shot after shot, rather than waiting a few seconds in between them. This gives you more flexibility with each of the wedding shots you take. Since even the smallest of changes in the photo can make a big difference in the photo, it is quite important to use this feature! You may find that it is a feature that you want to leave on all of the time, too. Many photographers do this not just for weddings, but for any gathering.

Wedding Photographer Gets Up High

Have you always wanted to get everyone into the same shot as a wedding photographer? You want everyone to be included but in some situations, there are hundreds of people at an event. It is impossible, in most situations, to plan this type of photo if you are going to have everyone looking directly at you at eye level. It just will not work because there are too many faces to get into the shot. You can pull off this shot, though.

The key is to get yourself up high.

In group shots, where there are a lot of people, it can be best for you to climb up high and show off a bit of your skill. Take a picture of the group facing down, looking down upon them from a high position. How can you do this successfully?

It may mean that you need to plan to have a ladder available to you. If you are at the ceremony location, get into the balcony for a up high shot. Be sure to get everyone to look at you in some way. If it is still not possible for you to get the shot you want to, get up on the roof (with permission and with safety at the front of the mind!) The key here is to get to a higher level that allows you to get more people into the view of the photo.

It is not always possible to get the entire group into the shot, especially when there is just no way to get everyone into the frame from a great distance without losing the quality of the shot. Still, you should try it. Plan to have some type of system in place to get you higher than the group.

This process works best before everyone is actually getting apart from each other. A good place to do it is right outside the church or wedding ceremony location. Everyone is still there and they can easily be grouped together. This may not be one of the formal shots that you have done before, but if you pull it off, you will find that your clients will love it. That should be enough to keep you doing it! Best of all; remember that as a wedding photographer this can be one of those shots you keep doing at each of the weddings that you shoot.

Showcase Your Photos At The Wedding Reception

Did you know that you can take full advantage of the wedding reception not just as a way to get word of mouth advertising but also as a way to showcase the beautiful pictures you are taking? One tip that you may find useful as a wedding photographer is to bring along your laptop if you are using digital cameras. Digital cameras provide you with the ability to see the photos right away. This can actually serve as a type of advertising for you, while also adding something magical to this very special day.

With the use of your laptop at the reception, upload some of the photos that you took over the course of the day. With a bit of priming and proper placement, you could create a fast slideshow of those photos. They can easily flip through on a table by the cake or even by the wedding gifts. Guests can come over, watch the slideshow and react to the pictures (hopefully in a good way!) While this may not be something that you thought about before, it is an ideal way to showcase yourself as well.

Before you do this, take into consideration a few more things.

      1. Do get permission from your bride and groom (or whoever is paying you!) to provide this service. You do not want to insult others or to surprise them with something they do not like.

      1. Upload only those shots that will be appreciated and thought to be appropriate. In other words, you may not want to select all of the intimate ones to put in the slideshow.

      1. Use your down time in other portions of the day to set up the slideshow. You do not have to have a stellar laptop or even have extensive software to pull off a great looking slideshow.

      1. Do invest the time in approving slideshows. Not all of the photos you took throughout the day will show your best work. You want to look great in the eyes of those viewing the photos.

      1. Do place your business card by the laptop and allow others to pick it up. This is the type of word of mouth advertising you need.

Wedding photography tips often leave out the ways that you can advertise your services on the wedding day. Be prepared to provide your business card to anyone who asks, but this is not the place to ask for business.

Wedding Photography With Two Cameras?

You may be a new wedding photographer. This may even be your first gig. You likely have one camera to use and you are not even sure it is the right one. How are you supposed to have two cameras for the day? It may seem like one of those wedding photography tips for someone who is a professional, but in fact it is a tip that everyone needs to take. Having a second camera will help you to avoid some negative situations and it may give you more depth. Even if you have to borrow from another photographer, it is a good idea to have the camera if it is at all possible.

Why A Second Camera Matters

There are many things that you can do to be a better wedding photographer, but you cannot predict every situation, nor have a backup plan for everything. Anything you can do to reduce the risks of actually losing the job or not being able to fulfill your duties is worth planning for.

That includes having a second camera. Here is why.

      1. Use the second camera to help you to get a different look. A good idea is to use the second camera with a second lens. In fact, you should set up the camera with a different lens.

      1. Consider using the second camera with a wide angle lens. This really gives you a new perspective to work with that many couples will benefit from. The wide-angle lens is perfect for candid shots and for those shots in difficult locations.

      1. Set up the other camera with a longer lens. If it is possible, choose a camera that has a 200mm lens or similar. This will really give you some ideal shots. Lenses in the range of 70 to 200mm are often the best bet for weddings, when you are using two cameras.

Of course, having a second camera (and all the gear that goes with it) can be heavy. Still, it is worth having two options especially when there are so many situations that warrant the use of that second camera. For example, during the ceremony, you probably want to use a wide-angle lens for some shots and the longer lens for others. Having two options is well worth it. Do not go out and buy a second camera just yet. A wedding photography tip like this can really change the outcome of the shoot.

Selecting Property Wedding Photo Backgrounds

Finding the right background for each of the formal wedding photos you take is never easy. In fact, it can be one of those challenging aspects of this day. It is not that there are no great backgrounds to be had, but there are often problems that pop up with those locations throughout the day. It could be that a server walks through the background of the shot. On the other hand, it may be that the electronic equipment for the band has made its way into your shot. How can you prevent these problems and walk away with great looking shots?

For one, get to the location prior to the wedding day and scope out the various wedding photo background options you have. You may not realize that there are so many options to select from. Here are some tips for selecting the right backgrounds for the shots.

      1. Look for backgrounds that are somewhat out of the way, especially when there are many people around. For example, after a wedding, most guests will head outside to wait for the bride and groom to come out. This is an ideal time to do some formal interior shots at the church.

      1. Look for areas that are less crowded or uncluttered. For example, you may find that at the reception, the front of the building is just too crowded for outdoor shots. There are people coming in and out. There are signs and other elements that take away from the beauty of the surroundings. Instead, try a view from the back of the location.

      1. Visit each of the locations you plan to take photos at and choose locations that provide at least a workable level of light. Choose shaded areas for photos that keep the direct sunlight at bay.

      1. Look for good backgrounds on your own. The bride and groom may not have any idea where they can go to get photos. Take them to an art district, a professional building for stair shots or to a park setting.

The background of the wedding photos is an important part of the total composition of the photo. Do not overlook the ways that you can improve your backgrounds so that you can provide your couple with even more beautiful photos to enjoy. Backgrounds are an important part of any collection of wedding photos. Wedding photographers are often left to make the most out of situations if they do not plan in advance.

Wedding Photographer Tips For Changing Things Up

Most people have a wedding album that is full with great shots. If you put those albums together, though, you will likely see a number of similarities. From one to the next, you will find the same formal shots. Parents with the bride and groom…the wedding party lined up…and the church altar scenes, are some of the most common in albums. There is no doubt that many couples want the photos they feel are the most formal and necessary to have. Yet, this should not stop you, as the wedding photographer, from getting creative with the shots you take. In fact, it may increase the photos your clients walk away with.

There are many ways for you to change up the look of the photos, to make the more interesting and unique. Consider the following tips:

      1. Dazzle your couple by taking a shot of them at the wedding alter from behind. Get the backs of the heads of the guests and the long aisle in front of them. This is an easy way to get an interesting shot during the ceremony.

      1. Change up the angles of the shots. Although many wedding photographers limit the number and type of lenses they use, do not make this mistake. Rather, invest the time in changing up the lenses, and do include a wide lens.

      1. Get down low. Instead of taking a shot of the couple from a normal level, get down low and take the shot. This creates a beautiful image, especially when you get the lighting right.

      1. Get up high. Get a ladder and take shows from up high. Imagine taking a wedding shot from the top of the balcony in the church, down onto the couple with the guests in view. It could be a stunning product.

      1. Make the couple laugh, catch them holding hands or just talking quietly. These are all shots that show real life feelings and provide the best look at the wedding day itself. They can be magical, in fact.

As a wedding photographer, you want to provide your clients with all of the formal shots they need, but you also will benefit from offering them unique shots that they may love. You can never be too creative, especially if you are using digital film with plenty of options to select from. Changing things up also helps you to flex your skills and show off your talent.

Wedding Photographers Should Check Out The Location

As a wedding photographer, it is your job to get the shot, all of the shots, which your couple wants to have to remember their wedding day. Although most professional photographers probably realize the importance of actually knowing the location they are traveling to, if you are going someplace new or you are a new wedding photographer, this tip is very important. Go to the location on your own, a few days before the wedding, to scope out the location. This provides you with some help in the planning and can help you to look more like the professional wedding photographer.

What To Look For

When you arrive on location, there are several things to think about. It does not matter of the location is indoors or out, there are several things to remember.

      1. What type of surface is it? Will dresses get dirty and shoes ruined? If it is likely to rain for an outdoor shot, find a way to prevent these disasters, or have your guests prepare for them in some way ahead of time.

      1. Look at the size of the area where you will be taking the shots. Is it large enough for group shots or will these be couple shots? Notice any hills or uneven areas, as this will affect your group shots.

      1. Do focus on the location’s lighting. Lighting is important for every shot you take. It is especially important for the indoor shots. You can determine what type of lighting you will need to add to the space, and determine what types of changes you should make to your positions of the photos to ensure that the lighting is right.

      1. Consider any limitations on the space. For example, if the location is restricted for use, will your wedding party get into the location without a problem, especially on the weekend? Find out if there are any other considerations for the location.

      1. Consider taking a few test shots with the couples in areas where there may be difficulty. These can be great engagement shots or a “free” offer you provide. It can help you to pinpoint any problems ahead of time.

Taking the time to visit the locations of each of the wedding photographs ahead of time will make a difference in the final shot. It may take a few minutes out of your day, but is well worth the investment of your time when the shots come out fantastic.

Wedding Photography And Diffused Light

As a wedding photographer, you do not need to be told how to accomplish tasks like taking the right pictures or getting light right. However, it is important that you perfect one skill to provide your clients with the very best finished product. That is to learn to diffuse light properly. You need to learn how to bounce a flash or to diffuse. Without this skill, you may struggle in some situations to get the right shot at the right time. The light changes throughout any circumstance of the wedding day. You need to stay in step with it.

The good news is that once you perfect the ability to diffuse light, you are less likely to have trouble getting the right shot. Consider the fact that many churches have a light level that is not conducive to photo taking. It is very low. Some churches do not allow you to use any type of flash photography, which can be limiting and that should be something you address with your couple ahead of time.

In situations where you are able to use a flash camera, you need to determine if you can bounce the flash. Consider the surroundings carefully. For example, if you bounce the flash off of a colored surface, it will add a touch of that color to the photos in a colored cast. In some situations, this is not appropriate. You may need to buy a flash diffuser to soften the light considerably.

Whenever you are unable to use the flash, you will need to have a fast lens that has wide apertures or (and in some cases and) you will need to increase the ISO. In these situations, it may be a good idea to use image stabilization if you have that ability.

As you can tell, it is important to scope out the surroundings in advance so that you know what type of equipment you need to have on hand. If you do not plan to do this, be prepared with your full arsenal of options. Keep in mind that you are not just planning for one space, either. You will need to scope out each of the sites that you will be shooting shots at. Wedding photography done right will mean understanding the importance of bouncing the flash and diffusion. Polish up on these skills so that you shine, and that your photos do not!

Wedding Photography And The Second Photographer

Many wedding photographers do not want to have two photographers on the shoot if they can help it. After all, this may decrease the amount of money you can make. However, it is best to have two in many circumstances, especially in any circumstance where one person is not enough to handle the job professionally. Having a second photographer may be one of those tips that you do not want to hear, but consider why it is so helpful to you.

Why Two Photographers Are Important

Not every circumstance will require the use of two photographers. In many instances, having just one is enough, such as a small-scale wedding without a large guest list or numerous locations to visit. Here are some instances and reasons a second photographer will be helpful for.

      1. Having two photographers will mean that you have to move less during those intricate moments of the day, such as during the ceremony and during any speeches that take place. This opens the door up to more shots and provides less distraction from you to the guests.

      1. Having two photographers during the wedding shoot can help you to get both formal shots as well as the candid shots that make the most positive impression on the guests.

      1. As a wedding photographer, you will have a variety of guests approach you with requests. This is not possible to handle if you are the only person who is taking photos. It helps to take some of the pressure off of you.

When do you need a second photographer? Not every instance requires them. If your couple expects a large number of photos to be taken, or they are interested in a variety of shots, ensure there are two photographers available. You may only need a second photographer for part of the event, such as at the wedding ceremony. This can help to cut down the costs while still providing you with plenty of pictures for the event.

Keep in mind that pleasing the customer is one of those wedding photography tips that you cannot ignore. To do that, you may need to have a second photographer by your side to help. Talk to your clients about the need for two photographers and the limitations that come from having just one, if there are any. This allows you to tailor costs to be better suited for two professionals being at the event.

Wedding Photographer Tips For Back Up Support

As you consider your first or your 101st wedding photography project, it is important to have the necessary back up plan in place. Every photographer needs to have this plan in place if they have any hope of making it through a difficult situation on the actual wedding day. The good news is that with a few well planned and executed wedding photographer tips, you can easily overcome the most common, and even the most challenging, of circumstances.

Tips For Planning For The Unknown

You have no way of knowing what could happen on the wedding day. It could be a controllable problem or something you have no ability to foresee or predict happening. The following tips will help you to plan for some of the more common wedding photographer problems.

      1. Have a backup plan planned for poor weather. The weather does not cooperate often and for anyone who may be considering outdoor shots, having a few backup locations is quite important. Select locations that you know well or that offer the beauty and glamour of the outdoors, although they are indoors.

      1. You should plan for your needs on the wedding day. For example, make a list of all equipment and supplies you need to take with you as the wedding photographer. Keep this list on hand and add anything you may forget over the course of a week. Soon, when you have done a number of photography events, this list will be set in stone.

      1. Plan a route for getting from place to place. Although the famous “just follow me” plan may work when going to locations unfamiliar to you, it is best to have a well laid out plan in place ahead of time. You can use free software online or an in car GPS unit to help you with this process.

      1. Try to attend the wedding rehearsal. This event is not one where most photographers go, but it can be one of the best things to do so that you can familiarize yourself with the layout of the locations, the people involved and even work with the bride and groom on their particular needs.

Making a few plans ahead of time will save any wedding photographer from problems on their wedding day. Although there is no way to plan for any problem, many times you can rely on these back up plans, and the bride and groom will appreciate you doing so.

Wedding Photographer Tip For What Couples Expect From You

As a wedding photographer, you know the importance of getting the job done properly. Not only will that make your bride and groom happy, but it also helps you to have that couple to refer you to others. One of the worst things you can do is to shot the bride and groom by not providing them with the quality photos they are expecting from you. This happens often. You use a different style or process and they do not realize it. They are disappointed and although they may still pay for the photos, you know they are not satisfied. You can avoid this problem by making some key decisions in the first place.

Let The Know Your Style

One of the most important things a wedding photographer can do is to display his or her work. Be sure that the couple fully understands the style and work that you produce. If they do not like the style you use, then they may not want to work with you or you both should come to an agreement ahead of time. Here are some basic questions to ask to make sure you both are on the same page.

      1. Find out what they want to achieve in their wedding photos. Ask them that question specifically. Use the answer to guide your style choices.

      1. How many shots do they want to have done? If you limit the number of rolls of film you take with you, this could cause a problem for the bride and groom on the wedding day. Know what they are expected ahead of time.

      1. What are the most important elements of the ceremony and the wedding day in general that they expect you to cover through shots? If any of these are limitations for you, or you do not feel they are appropriate, work out the details now, before time.

      1. How many shots will be printed? Not all wedding photographers give their wedding couple the option of all shots taken. Let them know how many you will print as proofs for them to choose from.

      1. This is also a time when you should determine the price as well as ensure they know any extras that may be an extra charge to them.

Wedding photographers need to be on the same page as their clients if they hope to have successful events. Work out these details in advance.

Wedding Photography: Handling The Family Photo

One of the most important wedding photos for many couples is the family shot. This is the photo where the mother and father, the sisters and brothers and anyone else important to the foundation of the family come together in one or more shots. Unfortunately, as a photographer, this can also be one of the most difficult of photography shots to take. Locating everyone and getting everyone on task is difficult, to say the last. As you consider all of the options available to making this process simpler, the following tips may help you.

Getting Everyone Together

There is no required area for you to pull the family together for this shot, but if everyone is available at the church, do it there. This is the ideal place because it will allow you to get everyone into the shot in a great setting with great natural light, in most cases. In addition, no one has taken off their attire nor have they had too much to drink. While those shots can be a lot of fun, for a formal wedding shot of the family, you want to try to get it in sooner rather than later.

The second thing to consider is how to get everyone together at the same time. One of the best ways to accomplish this is with a family member. Choose someone who is not the bride or groom, on either side of the family. Have both of them come together to you when you are ready to get the family photo taken. You can have the bride and groom select this person before the wedding for ease. This person can then be the person in charge of rounding up everyone that is supposed to be in this photo. This way, as the photographer, you do not have to worry about learning who is who and trying to get everyone on task.

In addition to this, be sure to allow this person to be in on the plan. Often, those who should not be in the photo will position themselves in them. The person helping you should be able to step in and pull those extra people out of the photo.

Although it may seem like such a simple task, the family photo is rarely that for the wedding photographer. This wedding photography tip can help you to get through the event easier and accomplish the right shot.

Wedding Photography Tip For Deleting As You Go

Are you the type of wedding photographer that spends a lot of his or her time going back and looking at the photos just taken? Perhaps you like to know what you have and what you still need. It is fine to look, but keep your figure off the delete button just yet. An effective camera will provide you with hundreds, if not thousands of shots to take. You do not need to delete photos at this point. Rather, keep them on hand.

Why not just dump the bad shots as you go. This is a possibility, of course, but the problem is that the view finder on most cameras does not provide you with nearly enough information to make such a drastic decision. In other words, you do need to know what the finished product will look like when you look at it on a full size screen. You never know what you have there until you actually look at them close up.

For example, one way to use these shots with some type of flaw in them is to crop them down to size. Perhaps you do not like the way that the couple is smiling. This may be enough to cut out the picture. On the other hand, you could crop the photo down considerably and get a picture of their up-close hands, grasped around their rings. This could make a stellar photo your couple wants to have. There are many other ways to crop the images to improve the overall composition of them a well.

Consider the options. You could keep them for a bit more time and delete them later. It does not hurt you to carry them away from the wedding. On the other hand, if you were to delete the photos as you go, you may lose valuable pictures that you were not intending to lose. It is so easy to delete the wrong images, after all!

Digital cameras definitely make it far easier for most to wedding photographers to get that beautiful image. It is often very easy to take advantage of these benefits. Deleting pictures is not something should do on the screen. Give yourself at least until you get back to your studio to look at the pictures closer. You never know what gems you may have in these otherwise discarded images. After all, it does not cost you anything to do this.

Wedding Photography Is Profitable

Wedding photography is a job that you can do and do well. The difference of it being a job and a career is dependent on the amount of passion you have for photography and your ability to make it profitable. Although it is possible to find numerous jobs as a wedding photographer with agencies, some of the most profitable work comes from working alone, as your own business. Before you can get to that point, you need to ensure you are taking steps to make your business profitable.

Getting Referrals

One of the hardest things that a wedding photographer needs to do is to get referrals from others. It is not easy to do, because you are asking for business, but it is a profitable thing to do. Your business relies on it. There are likely hundreds of wedding photographers in your area. It is difficult to stand out from the rest of them if you do not take full advantage of word of mouth advertising.

Here are some tips to help you to get the best results when asking for a referral.

      1. Do network. Although your primary business is with the client (usually the bride and groom) do not forget that you also have other people you are in contact with that could be future clients as well. For example, the mother of the bride and the mother of the groom may have other children. Impress them and ask them to think of you.

      1. Provide your card to those who request it at the wedding ceremony, reception or any place along the way. Make yourself approachable and be sure to answer questions that people pose to you as you can. For example, you should not stop in the middle of a shoot to discuss someone else’s needs for a photographer, but you should make the time to talk with them.

      1. Do take the time to talk to your wedding party, too. Anyone that you meet is someone that could be a future client. Not only should you ask for referrals but also you should treat those people as you would like to be treated.

Wedding photography is profitable but it can only be profitable if you take steps to make it that way. Advertising through referrals is one of the best ways to go. People trust those they know more than they trust an ad they see online.