Sheng-Wen Lo is a 30-year-old photographer and filmmaker who was born in Taipei City, Taiwan and currently lives and works in Breda, Netherlands. Sheng received his MA in Photography from Kunstakademie St.Joost in the Netherlands, before which he received an MSc from Computer Music Lab at National Taiwan University.

Lo is interested in contemporary human-animal relationships. For his latest project “White Bear”, Sheng Wen Lo travelled arond Europe and China to capture the mimic arctic environment of zoos.

“White Bear” is not about polar bears — it studies the visible symptoms amid animals on display and their artificial habitats by focusing on one specific species. These habitats are designed to satisfy both the spectators (audience) and the dwellers (animals). In other words, with their effort to mimic the arctic environment, the uncanny structures combined “nature”, “home” and “stage”. Juxtaposed with man-made backgrounds, the enclosures and their furry protagonists formed visions filled with contrasting elements — grasslands, plateaus, swimming pools, car tires, fake seals, stone stairs, painted icebergs, yachts, airplanes, and even skyscrapers. Under limited space and resources, there are various issues lurking beneath their surfaces.


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